5 Alternative of Whatsapp

Afraid of stealing WhatsApp data? Then download these apps. The Whatsapp is hacking, since the news, Telegram and Signal App downloads have increased a lot. So let’s see today some apps you can use as the 5 alternative of WhatsApp.

So far we know nobody else has the opportunity to read the WhatsApp information except the user. Because all information protected in the End to End encryption. But so long that myth broke down. The Israeli Pegasus pointed out the vulnerabilities in this thing, saying that there is no shield in the world of information technology. India’s WhatsApp data theft and the whole country is agitated now. And it is taking advantage of other messaging and calling apps.

Telegram and Signal App downloads have increased a lot since this news. Cyber security experts said that these apps could increase further downloads in the coming days. Until recently, there was a Signal app on iOS, which is now at the rank of 105. But that is now in 39th  position. The app was ranked 255th place in the Google Play store but now at number 31.

Let's see 5 Apps below alternative of WhatsApp.


Telegram is an app known for security and privacy. You can say this is fully alternative of WhatsApp. It never gives your any information to the Third Party. Telegram has become the unlike app to many governments for not giving information. You can set a specific time period, which is how many days your account will be deleted if your account is inactive. This feature is known by telegram users as “Self Destructing”. So if you want you can download this app to use now. Download from here. 


Signals are one of the most popular ways for people to exchange confidential information. It is also an open-source software. Uses advanced end-to-end encryption within the message sender and the message receiver. Signal allows you to make complete voice calls, group chats, and exchange files between your friends by maintaining complete confidentiality. And the most interesting thing is that you can select the option that automatically deletes the message after a certain time.


Threema is a paid encrypted messaging service and open-source software. To use it you only need to spend $2.99. The main attraction of Threema is that you have to add a friend through QR Code (QR Code) to send a message through Threema. Threema allows you to exchange voice calls, video calls, files, text and more in an encrypted way. As soon as your message is delivered, it gets deleted from the Threema server. That means if someone kills Threema CEO, you will not get any snatches of the information you send.

Wickr me

This application is open source and does not require a phone number or email address. However, you can use this as well. So this also an alternative of WhatsApp.


Dust Messenger is designed to give you more advanced level security. It was formerly known as cyber dust. It sends end-to-end encrypted messages. Like Threema, it does not store any messages on their server. What’s more, you can also set options such that the message will be deleted from the phone as soon as you receive the message. You will also be notified when screenshots of this app are taken. Dust allows you to send messages, stickers, videos, etc. It is a free messaging service.


The unique thing about Viber is that it uses a color-coded system to show how secure a conversation is. Gray color indicates encrypted communication. Green identifies encrypted communications with trusted contacts, and red means there are problems.

Hope this post will help you a bit to get the idea and which alternative messaging app you could use for more security. Make sure you do not share your phone’s password. If you want to know how to create a string password. Then you can read our this post on.

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