Accidental Discoveries That Changed The World

Thousands of great scientist came in the world. They made our life easier by inventing a ton of gadgets, goods, tools and so on. This is true that they played an important role to invent any new thing. But some of new inventions came without the hand of any scientist. They may come naturally or accidentally. So in out today’s article we will discuss on  Accidental Discoveries That Changed The World. So we are going to see the invention on pacemaker,  speed of light, electricity, nitrous oxide and heart rate controller.

Anesthesia from an accidental discoveries

Horace Well developed the method of anesthesia in 1844. The patient is knocked unconscious during surgery in the laboratory. Anesthesia is sometimes referred to as feeling temporarily deprived of a particular part of the body. And in the process of anesthetics, nitrous oxide or laughing gas is used. During that time, nitrous oxide was just a fun part of the party. Spreading this gas at the party, everyone was laughing. A friend of the scientist Horace dries up a little too much at a party like this and accidentally creates a huge wound in his leg. Interestingly, inhaling excess nitrous oxide exhausted his body’s sense of energy and he was unable to recover from the wound. The use of nitrous oxide for anesthesia began after this incident. This is an accidental discoveries.

Discovery of electricity and Benjamin

Many individuals have contributed to the discovery of electricity. This form of electricity has not come to anyone’s head in the beginning. It happens in nature. Therefore electricity is not called ‘invented’. There are many misconceptions about this discovery. People knew long ago about the shock of the eel fish. Many have referred to Benjamin Franklin as an inventor of electricity. His experiments help to establish the connection between electricity and lightning. In fact, electricity was discovered more than two thousand years ago. About 600 BCE, the ancient Greeks discovered that crushing fur on amber creates an attraction between the two. What they discovered was actually static electricity. William Thogilbert invented one-way power. Nicolas Tesla discovers alternative electricity Michael Faraday defines the relationship between electrons, voltage, and resistance. Thomas Alva Edison was the first to discover electric bulbs. And Benjamin Franklin was the first to give an idea of electricity.

Accidental Discoveries

Benjamin Franklin has a fun story about electricity invention. The scientists of the day did not know that the lightning of the sky and the electricity produced in our house were the same thing. Benjamin proved that the lightning in the sky and the electricity made in the house are the same things. On June 15, 1752, he sat on a dangerous test in a fierce wind. He was blowing a knife during the thunderstorm to show the lightning was also the electricity. This is not the Accidental Discoveries but the nature.

He tied a metal key to the kite string to save electricity. He thought exactly that. Lightning flows down from the cloud. He was lucky he didn’t get hurt. Franklin didn’t know what a great danger he was doing. A flicker of lightning erupts in his metal ‘key’. Because two people died in the act. And so Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning and electricity are the same things as small electric sparks. Many scientists studied electricity from Franklin’s work and began to understand more about how it works. In the same series, Thomas Edison invented electric bulbs. At the same time, the world is illuminated.

Accidental Discoveries of Pacemaker

A pacemaker is a device that launches a new horizon in medical science. A pacemaker is used to control the uncontrolled heart rate. The average human heart rate is 60-90 per minutes. When the heart rate drops, an electric pulse is generated from the outside using the pacemaker to normalize it. In 1960 Pacemaker was successfully replaced in the first human body. But you will be surprised to know that the pacemaker, who saved millions of lives, is making a mistake! Wilson Greatbatch, a scientist, was looking for a way to remove the heart block and make it work. 

He invented an oscillator to record the sounds of animals’ hearts. Wilson put a transistor on the device mistakenly in 1958. Then when he switched on, found a known sound that matched. The word adheres to a genre that perfectly matches the heart rate of people! The pacemaker was named after Wilson’s invention. He placed the machine in the animal’s body and performed various experiments. Throughout the history of medical science, the treatment of heart disease began with a new horizon, which began from the mistakes and this is one of remembered Accidental Discoveries.

Gunpowder instead of immortality medicine

This one also Accidental Discoveries. In the middle of the ninth century, Chinese scientists sought to create immortality drugs. They experimented with various experiments. Saltpeter was among their various test instruments. After mixing other ingredients with this saltpeter, it becomes a combustible material. At the touch of fire, it actually burns with intense light and explosion. Chinese scientists dealt with this saltpeter by accident. When the explosion occurs with intense light. And the researchers were hurt by the explosion. Different parts of their body are burned. Their laboratory was also destroyed in the blast. That is how the Gunpowder was discovered. Scientists have come to understand about the characteristics of saltpeter. The world is beginning to write again. The new merchandise began to be used in war and fireworks. The first gunpowder was used in the Mongolian war with China in 904 AD.

The Chinese secret weapon quickly spreads worldwide. The Chinese couldn’t hide the existence of gun powder for long. They used it for the first time during the war with the Mongols. In 1242, Roger Bacon described the process of making powder.

The way the speed of light was calculated

There has been a lot of research on the subject of light and it is going on now also. If the sun’s main source of energy is turned off by pressing a switch like a lamp, then we need time to know it for 8 minutes and 20 seconds. What is the reason? So when we turn off the lights of the house, we can see instantly. But why it will happen in the sun? The answer is it takes about 5 minutes and 20 seconds to bring light to the earth from the sun. The speed of light is huge, but not infinite. Well, now expand your thinking a bit. 

There are fiery stars like the sun in this universe. When we look at the night sky, we can easily understand it. If such a star was so far away that the light coming from it stopped the light and turned into a black hole! Then when we see that star, the star is no longer there. But we can see him right. This is true even though it is strange. The speed of light depends on how we look at an object. How the light was emitted for the first time! The speed of light who first invented is known the name “Ole Roemer”.  But don’t worry this is not an Accidental Discoveries.

He was born on September 25, 1644, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the inventor of modern thermometers. Not only that, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit made the Fahrenheit scale even more refined by his romance scale. This is the story of just moving the light without going into a complicated calculation – we know that the earth revolves around its axis in about 24 hours. For this, 24 hours a day and night. 

Observing why Newton looks at the orbit of the earth, he gives some of the best clues. According to Newton, the moons of Jupiter can be seen in such places at the time of the rotation of Jupiter in the center of Jupiter. But in reality, things did not happen that way. Sometimes it comes out 5 minutes ahead of time, and sometimes it comes 5 minutes later. Ole Roemer, a Danish astronomer, came forward. He made a strange claim in 1676. It takes a while to get to the world from where the incident took place. From that calculation, he discovered that the eyes of every one of the era were to be thrown to the forehead. The speed of light is not infinite, it has speed. And that speed is 0.3 million kilometers a second.

Philip loses his job

There is one person in history who used to call and for asking people to wash their hands. People laughed at him but not listening to his suggestion to wash his hands. His job was gone. At last, he had to be admitted to a mental hospital for being accused of going crazy. He is Ignaz Philipp Semmelweise. The man whose revolutionary invention did not accept it. And in the meantime, many more people died due to not washing their hands properly. He was Hungarian by birth of Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis. He was known as a follower of antiseptic procedures in medical surgery. By the year of 1850, the birth rate in Europe was not very favorable.

When nothing was happening. At that time, Philip did research and found that children are suffering from the germs of doctors’ hands. He ordered that doctors wash their hands and surgical instruments with chlorine and then give birth to their mothers. But in Philip’s time, neither he nor any other human knew so much about germs. Doctors turned against him at that time. Because of that he also lost his job. Chlorine is a good cleanser to remove the odor of corpses from your hands. So he advised everyone to wash hands and surgical instruments with chlorine. Which was a very scientific way. This is 

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