Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms

Even though man can not be immortal, antibiotics gave people new life. An antibiotic is a chemical ingredient created by an organism. It can destroy other microorganisms or germs. The use of antibiotics to prevent the onslaught of the disease triggers the golden age in medicine. Let’s talk today about antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

In World War II, wounded people died of helplessness from various germs. In 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming invented the first life-saving antibiotic. From then on, one by one antibiotic has been created. People get rid of difficult diseases like plague, tuberculosis, bowel disease. But the bad impact of this we are seeing now.

Reversible use of antibiotic

Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms

Naturally, humans or animals have immunity, and they are easily protected from the invasion of germs. However, children do not have immunity immediately after birth. They effect by microorganisms or microbes. Frequently diarrhea, cholera and other diseases. Children also gradually become immune to disease. People are stronger in youth. When their immunity is high. In old age, people are weak. It also loses immunity. The same thing happened with HIV / AIDS sufferers. They also lose immunity. Read the Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms article.

Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms

Antibiotic is life-saving for people who are weak and immune less. In addition, patients rely on antibiotics for various accidental cuts, burns, and surgical and organ transplants. Effective antibiotics destroy germs when they reach a wound or burn site. Does not allow any new germs to attack. Read How to stop worrying and start living.

Depending on its effectiveness, antibiotics can be varied. Some antibiotics destroy limited types of germs, known as the Narrow Spectrum. Again there are some antibiotics, which can destroy many types of germs. These are called broad spectrum. Since the invention of penicillin antibiotics, antibiotics have continued to discover one after another. With the change and enhancement of conventional antibiotics, a new generation of antibiotics is we can see now a days. The efficacy of these is many times higher than the original antibiotic. The fourth or fifth generation of new antibiotics are on the market. However, they are also losing their effectiveness as usage is not under control.

Germs are getting worse

The presence of microorganisms are in and out human body and around the environment, such as soil, water, and even air. These microbes are so small that they cannot be seen with an empty eye. Therefore, people are constantly exposed to these germs for habitual reasons and are infected. Microbes are very small but killer. If they get a little chance, microorganisms can invade humans, animals and plants and cause death. Antibiotic intake allows the body to reach various parts of the body through the blood and destroy the invading germs and make people cured.

As the creation and uses of antibiotics increases, microbiologists notice that some germs are making antibiotic protection shield or resistant. However, even before the disruption of medical care, a new generation of antibiotics also comes on the market. As a result, antibiotic resistance mechanisms could not completely disrupt medical care. But the uncontrolled use of antibiotics has led to germs becoming self-protecting and overwhelming. Germs have extraordinary adaptation capabilities. They may have the ability to destroy antibiotics by collecting DNA from other bacterial species present in the environment.

Increased antibiotic resistance mechanisms in germs is due to the overuse of antibiotics. In this way the immune system becomes void. In the developed countries, no antibiotics are available through approved or registered pharmacists and without the administration of a registered physician. Due to the controlled use, it takes a long time for the antibiotic resistance to build up. Proper distribution of antibiotics is very much restricted as per the medical condition. Read the Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms article.

Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms

There is no need for the advice or prescriptions of a registered doctor to buy medicines in Bangladesh. Due to the increasing population, uncleanness and unsafe water, people are easily exposed to the disease. Meanwhile, doctors and common people are encouraging to use antibiotics for good results. Some unscrupulous drug dealers also encourage the general public to consume antibiotics, whether knowingly or not. Again, some unscrupulous doctors force patients to use one or more antibiotics when needed or to be famous and earn money. Again, many of the patients also recognize the beneficial antibiotic of a disease. In the future, they will take the same antibiotics themselves. Its prevalence has increased to such an extent that many people in rural areas are seen with antibiotics in their pockets.

Western travelers use prophylactic antibiotics when traveling to third world countries. But it is antibiotic abuse, which cannot encourage under any circumstances.

Powerful germs 'SUPERBUG'

With the increasing demand for food in the present world, the demand for protein and nutrients is increasing. Antibiotics are using to cure cows, poultry and chickens as they can be of low cost. Antibiotics are also using in fish meal. The use of antibiotics in agriculture has increased to such an extent that antibiotics are now spread in dairy products including food. Read the Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms article.

On the one hand, uncontrolled use of antibiotics is helping humans and organisms to become antibiotic resistant, while on the other hand, antibiotics are using in agriculture have polluted the surrounding wastewater. These residual antibiotics make bacteria and microorganisms present in soil and water resistant to antibiotics. And thus, a common germ is becoming resistant to many antibiotics. The condition is so dire that germs cannot destroy by using any antibiotic. Extremely powerful microbes are known as ‘superbugs‘.

Superbugs are life-threatening. Antibiotics are now ineffective in stopping it. Superbugs are now in the environment, in human bodies, on the ground, in water – everywhere. So even a simple infection can easily lead to death. Surgery is too risky now. This is because infection has become difficult to control. The only way out of this horrible situation is to control the use of antibiotics at any cost.

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