Computer’s Myth vs Facts

There are some misconceptions about computers that may make you anxiety. Like everything else, there are some common misconceptions or myth about computers that are not true, but many believe them. This article has some misconceptions about computers or ‘myths’. I hope you know the right information about these and inform others. So, let’s get started to know most computer’s myth and facts.

Hackers are sitting to hack your PC

If you watch American SyFy movie, the scene in your eyes when you hear the word hacking is that a guy with a hoodie is sitting in front of the PC and writing the line code after the line in the terminal window. That’s not really the case. Hacking doesn’t mean that one or a few people are trying to hack your PC in realtime. Rather, hackers are hacking through some automated programs, which may be keeping an eye on all of you, not just you, all the time. So be sure, if you’re not a very high-profile person, no one is sitting in realtime to hack your PC!

Uses of too much RAM is bad (Computer's Myth)

This is another misconception. Many people think different processes of PC are occupying more memory so need to use the task killer or cleaner application. In fact, these task-killer programs do not work at all. Rather, they can slow down your PC by shutting down the necessary processes in the name of memory optimization. Empty RAM has nothing to do with it. So there is no reason to worry about RAM being used a bit!

Defragmentation programs work well

Many programs are available for Windows disk defragmentation. Many people think that these programs should be run on PC at regular intervals. But this is also a myth or a misconception. Rather, Windows 10, 8 and 7 are smart enough and can automatically defragment your disk without any third-party programs. On top of that if you use SSD storage instead of hard disk, defragmenting an SSD can be rather harmful. So the old meditation needs to be refreshed a little. You can read more about hard disks and SSD: Hard disk or SSD storage? Which one would be better on the computer? (Computer’s Myth)

Viruses are guilty for slowing down your PC

Not only do viruses and other malware slow down your PC. Rather, the programs you find silly may be slowing down your PC by running background processes. PC Slow works even if you have many tabs open and your media player / editing software window open in your browser. Many viruses can perform malicious activities without slowing down the PC. (Computer’s Myth)​

Antivirus will keep you safe

In fact, no antivirus can protect you if you are not careful yourself. Third-party antivirus will protect your PC performance as well as protect you. On Windows 10 PCs it is best to not use third-party antivirus software. However, if there is a need for Windows Defender. And if you are unsure about it (if you download / download large amounts of files) then you can use a separate antivirus. Read this post to find out about the Top 5 Free Antivirus of 2019.

Pc off after work (Computer's Myth)

This is also a misconception. It is important not to shut down the PC every night or after regular work. Rather, it wastes a lot of time to start working after shutting down the PC. If you want to save power, you can use Sleep or Hibernate mode without shutting down the PC. You can read more about this: Is it Better to Shutdown Computer or Leave it ON(Computer’s Myth)

Auto update can damage PC

Automatic updates are not always bad. It is true that many times you can update many PC bugs and fix bugs. But these updates are meant to protect your PC. So it is advised not to disable the auto update of your PC. However, those who run cracked software and / or any other group with limited internet data always want to turn off auto-updates. (Computer’s Myth)

Internet Explorer not good

It’s true that in the age of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer won’t give you much service like them. But this is nothing to throw at all. Although Microsoft has launched Edge browser by replacing Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 11 is a very good browser. Microsoft Edge is an excellent Internet browser that started out with Windows 10.

C-Cleaner and Registry Cleaner Software Increases PC Speed

In fact, these programs themselves occupy your PC’s memory more than they do PC cleaning programs. These are not very much helpful. The same is true for uninstaller software. Windows default uninstaller is enough. It is better not to use separate software for too long. Moreover, clearing your PC’s browser cache frequently will reduce your browsing speed, as the browser’s cache helps to reduce site load time by retaining some content. 

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