FaceApp Privacy: 15 million Photo Collected from Users

In Bangladesh, for a few days, pictures of old people are shown on Facebook. In fact, not all of them are old, they have voluntarily grown old through an app. Widely known across the country of this app name is  FaceApp. In the meantime, many people have used FaceApp without knowing or knowing about them. Let’s discuss today about the “FaceApp Privacy”.

Not only in Bangladesh, but in many countries around the world, FaceApp is being used. Users are commenting on their age by posting different types of photos on Facebook. The use of any app in this time is risk if you do not read the privacy or other rules. While Facebook is being repeatedly criticized for security breaches, there is nothing to say about other little apps. Knowing this, many people have enter into the faceApp to look their old faces. 
(Read one of our Privacy Policy tips on facebook from here

FaceApp Privacy: Some noticeable clauses are sharing below

Using any app is a risk of privacy violation. The same risk for the faceapp as well. Many technology analysts have warned about this from the beginning. But this time they have formally warned.

US influential business magazine Forbes said in a report that viral FaceApp has given people the ability to change their faces and increase their age. In exchange, people have given FaceApp permission to use their names and pictures. That means that FaceAp can now use these names and pictures for any purpose.

The calculation says that FaceApp has downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store. And in 121 countries, the top of the app is the FaceApp in the iOS App Store. These calculations are explaining how much people have leaned towards this app.

Each app has some terms and conditions. For most of the apps, we give them consent (I Agree) without reading them. Many of us may not read those terms and conditions. But do they know what is written in the terms and conditions of this app? Have you read the FaceApp privacy and T&C?

Knowing this may make you frustrated now. They have written in the policy that FaceApp may use the information unconditionally for any purpose for forever. They can even be presented to anyone.

Those who have already used FaceApp will agree with these words. Technology becoming advance with the time flow. At one time, maybe your picture could be used for various services or transactions. We’re using Face lock on a smartphone right now. Now think about whether it would be okay to use FaceApp or not. As a well-wisher from WIKI HOW TIPS, we cordially request you to read and think at least twice before giving any kind of permission through the internet or any kind of apps/software. So read the FaceApp Privacy and Policies carefully. Stay safe and keep your information secured. 


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  1. I don’t know why people uses this kind of apps. We should alws read the terms and conditions and privacy policy before using these. Do not permit any apps if u r not sure….

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