The World’s Most Famous Hackers

There are plenty of various kinds of hackers and pc scammers out there. A number of them area unit simply sensible jokers, some use viruses to urge revenge on the corporate they were unemployed from, or simply to trouble random folks on-line. the most reason hacking exists, however, is that it is a good way to form a dishonest living by stealing data from unsuspecting users. Hackers basically can be for good and also for bad. Let’s introduce today with the top famous hackers of all time.

Gary Mackinnon (Famous Hackers)

System Administrator and Hacker Gary MacKinnon is a native of Scotland. In 2002, he was prosecuted for hacking him the largest military computer of all time. However, MacKinnon argued, simply wanting to prove that someone in general could control UFO operations and other technologies. He was born on February 10, 1966. But from a very young age, Genius had a keen interest in learning about UFOs. So he thought that if it was possible to access the NASA website directly, much would be learned about UFOs. So he hacked the American Armed Force and NASA’s 97 computers on September 1, 2001. But the virus also deleted some important files by installing it. He removed the weapons logs at the Earl Naval stations. He damaged the network of 300 computers for the US Navy’s Atlantic fleet.

famous hackers of all time

In addition, MacKinnon was accused of copying data, account files and passwords of his own computer. The US authorities raised $7 million to rectify his problems. All he did was just to know. He completed the hacking while sitting at his girlfriend’s aunt’s house in London. So he didn’t just get away with illegally accessing these websites and deleting information. Wrote a message to the team in charge of the security section of the websites. The message was ‘Your security is crap’ which was a shame for this group. He was also able to shut down nearly 2,000 computers in the US military under the Washington network for 24 hours. It was one of the best military computer hack events ever. He known to all as famous hackers. Famous Hackers of All Time


The name LulzSec is the root of LulzSecurity. Here lulz is a compressed form of ‘lol = Lough out loud’, a signal of loud laughter on the internet. The group usually attacks DDoS, the ‘distributed denial of service’ on various websites. This makes the site unusable for high traffic use. The huge black hat computer hacking group is also known as LulzSec. The group also claimed responsibility for taking the CIA’s website offline. They used to hack the accounts of various news corporations and spread false news.

famous hackers of all time

They claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks, including apps for user accounts from Sony Pictures. These included companies like Sony, News International, the CIA, the FBI, Scotland Yard. The group also claimed responsibility for taking the CIA website offline. They used to hack the accounts of different news corporations and spread different types of false news. The group hacked popular newspaper websites such as The Times and The Sun and promoted their retirement there. Famous Hackers of All Time

Matthew Bevan and Richard Price

41 years old Matthew Bevan and 35 years old Richard Price were each other’s partners. Their goal was to capture various sensitive information between the United States and North Korea. These two British hackers attacked the Pentagon’s network. They dominated themselves for more than 2 weeks. They also captured the information of the US military in North Korea. They were used to destroy the Korean nuclear research center. They used to keep American identities secret. Since South Korea did not have a good relationship with North Korea, the hacking responsibility placed North Korea on South Korea. Later it became an international problem. Although later, the government recovers. When Price was 16 and Bevan 21, they access the Korean nuclear facility. They did this during the two Korean wars. Although they were arrested the following year.

famous hackers of all time

Kevin Paulsen

Kevin Poulsen, an American hacker known as Dark Dante. He hacked The FBI the database and the station’s phone lines, sparking negotiations. He is currently the senior editor of Wired News. This guy’s job is to make himself known as a dungeon, like Dark Dante. This person skilled at tele networking once hacked a phone line of a competition on a radio channel and set himself as the winner. There was a competition going on at that radio. The competition was such that the Caller # 102 would be given a prized Porsche car prize. Kevin jammed the entire telephone line to get the car. He then won the prize by becoming the No. 102 Caller. He is also known to all as famous hackers. Famous Hackers of All Time

famous hackers of all time

Also, he later hacked into this Los Angeles radio channel and became famous as he was captured by the FBI. He was later sentenced to six months in jail – and a fine of US $ 56,000. After being released from jail in 1995, he chose journalism as a career. In 2006, a social networking site called MySpace was opened and 744 sex offender was arrested by his support.

Adrian Lamo (Famous Hackers)

Adrian Lamo is a Colombian-American computer security analyst and gray-hat hacker. He first came up with the talk, The New York Times, Yahoo! Hacks the websites of important companies like Microsoft. He was arrested in 2003 for this crime. In 2010, Lamo told the FBI about Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army officer arrested for leaking information to WikiLeaks’s alternative website. The FBI then arrested Manning. Adrian Lamo was born in Boston, Massachusetts oin 1981.

Apart from hacking, he has analyzed the security of websites of several big companies but has not taken any money for his work.

famous hackers of all time

He usually used coffee shops, libraries and educational institutions cafe to conduct the hacking. In the mid-’90s, Lamo worked as a volunteer at, a gay and lesbian media firm. Lamo was widely acclaimed for defending ‘WorldCom’ on December 2001.

Jonathan James

16 years old American teenager Jonathan James was in love with hacking. He was the first young man to be imprisoned many times for cyber crime. Hacking the US Defense Department’s website was among its challenges. So he installed a system at this agency that could control the messages exchanged between all employees working at the agency. After collecting usernames and passwords of employees using this process, he would collect their personal information. He even stole various important software. He was forced to shut down NASA’s servers and systems by stealing $ 1.7 million of NASA software. His unusual use of cyberspace sentenced James to ten years for not touching a computer. He committed suicide in 2008. Famous Hackers of All Time

famous hackers of all time

Kevin Mitnick (Famous Hackers)

Kevin David Mitnick is an American computer security consultant, author, decorated cyber criminal and hacker. But the powerful hacker never agreed to list himself as a hacker. According to him, he is merely a security expert. But in the meantime, due to various hacking activities, the United States government has declared it “the best cyber criminal in the history of the country”. He was called ‘Father of All Hackers’. At one time he was America’s most wanted cyber criminal. He hacked the database of several telecom companies including IBM, Nokia, Motorola, Pentagon. It made about a billion dollars. He is also known to all as famous hackers.

He wanted to hack America’s National Security System. He faces a total of 5 years in prison for these offenses. Of which eight months were solitary confinement. At the end of the sentence he resumed his life. In 2013 the president of Ecuador, hired Mitnick to work on protecting the security of the computer system, Net Lock, the country’s presidential election. Kevin Mitnick’s hacking life has been so widely discussed or criticized around the world that two films have already been made in Hollywood based on his life. He is currently working as a security expert in a company.

famous hackers of all time


Anonymous is a global hacktivist group. This group is usually attacked on a website by the Denial of Service (DOS). The team was formed in the 2003 by some Internet users around the world. The members of Anonymous are known as ‘Anon’. This is an elusive hacker group that uses a mask. They are known to fans as ‘Digital Robinhood’. However, to the general public they are better known as masks. This group loves hacking by keeping their names secret. Anonymous has so far been accused of cyber-attacks in many countries. Famous Hackers of All Time

famous hackers of all time

They also attack government websites in different countries. They raid various government, religious, and corporate websites to prove their existence. Their main target is the FBI, CIA, Pay Pal, Sony, MasterCard, Visa and so on. In addition, they consider the official websites of various countries such as Vatican, China, Israel, Tunisia and Uganda to be targeted. Anonymous-backed Redskins and Operation Antisec launched cyber-attacks on the US government, media, video game companies, military contracting companies, army officers and police officers. Near about 25 people have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the cyber-attacks of Anonymous over the past 10 years.

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