Google Advanced Search 2019

Google Advanced Search 2019

To search the information in google is very much popular than other search engine. Although Yahoo or Microsoft Bing is the closest competitor, Google is now the most popular search engine. Every time we search many things in Google, but do we always find the desired answer? Here we are going to share some tips and tricks on Google Advanced Search 2019. So that you’ll be able to get the best search result as like you desired.

Get data in a specific website

Want to find information on a particular website? Many times, the built-in search feature is not very helpful. To get it write like this:Title:site address

For example: If you want to find all the information about the iPhone in Tiding Today dot com website, then type it on Google:

Find a specific topic

You can use quotes if you want to find information on specific topics. For example, if you search by Amazon Echo review, Google will show you more than 15 million results. And if you search for Amazon Echo review then it will show you only 37,100 results.

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Topic specifications

Suppose you want to find Jaguar Car. If you search only by Jaguar then you will see Jaguar’s animal related links / pictures. That’s why you have to specify the car. In that case, search by Jaguar-Car.

Saved cash in Google (any site)

Google keeps cache of various web pages. If those sites are closed on the server / pages are deleted, but you’ll be able to view from Google cache for a certain time. You can also see the older version of site by the google cache online service. To view Google Cache, write Cache before entering the address of the site. If you are lucky you may get that page or site.

Example: cache

Format file

Specify the file format to find a specific format file. For example, if you want to find a PowerPoint file for a topic, specify the file type as Laptop Computer filetype:ppt

Search images with pictures

To find images using Google Image, you first need to go to the Google Images page by clicking the Images link at the top of the Google home / search page. Upload a picture by drag-and-drop. Or camera by clicking on the marked button. After the uploaded picture will show you the same picture as the image you uploaded.

Find similar websites

You can use the related term to find similar websites. 


Here is another Google Advanced Search tips

Calculator / Currency / Definition

You can use Google’s search bar directly as a calculator. As you type 505 * 50, You’ll get the result of multiplications of 505 and 50. And if you search for $ 50 to INR then this will show you the current rate of 1 USD to Rupi with multiplication. 

Before defining something, type define before the keyword. For example, define computer

Hope these tips (Google Advanced Search 2019) will help you to get more reliable and desire result. If you have better idea to share; just drop in the comment section. Read related articles from here.

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