Google Graveyard | Failed Projects of Google

Can you think of life when Google wasn’t there? What did you do then? When information is needed suddenly or in a hurry? Now whatever you are looking for – everything you may now search Google.
Google can find an average of 40,000 search answers per second. Which means three and a half billion searches per day (Forbes calculations). So our today’s discussion on the Google Graveyard |Failed Projects of Google.

Google LLC or Google Limited Liability Company is an American multinational technology company specialized in Internet-based services and products. Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google at 1998, as a PhD student at Stanford University. References: Wikipedia
Online giant Google Search engine has brought a variety of services. These services have also become popular among the users. In the technology world, many services could not respond. As a result, Google stopped these services. Even

Google has shut down many services over time.

It is always difficult and challenging for any company to come up with new products / services. The manufacturer makes every effort to achieve the popularity of the product / service to the customer. Even then, companies have to face losses.
Google is no exception. Google has 250+ services on the market. All of which did not see the face of success.

In addition to Google search, Google Dock, Sheets & Slides, Gmail, Inbox, Google Calendar, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Google Drive, Google +, Google Allo, Duo, Hangouts, Google Translate, Google Maps, Waze, Earth, Street View, YouTube , Google Keep, and Google Photos, etc. So let’s see Google Graveyard today.

Google Graveyard

Google Plus

Plus comes to market as a competitor to Facebook in 2011. But it failed to gain popularity. Due to security flaws, more than 1 million users' information has been exposed. As a result, Google decided to discontinue the service. Google Plus closed in April this year. Very few users used Google Plus. Note that 90 percent of Google Plus users didn't use more than five seconds.

Google Inbox

It has unveiled the inbox app on October 22, 2014. Their purpose was to provide modern e-mail services. The app closed on April 2, this year. Later, the features were added to the "Gmail" app.

Google Lively

It has launched the 'Virtual Life' service called 'The Second Life'. On June 2008. But it did not gain popularity. The company closed the service in November of the same year.

Google URL Shortener

URL shortener of Google has become popular for shortening website links. Google claims that the service does not have interruptions with current technology; The use of the service will not greatly benefit the customer. Due to such reasons, the service was discontinued on March 30 this year.

Google Allo

They have unveiled Allo (Chatting App) in 2016. Google used artificial intelligence to compete with other popular mobile messaging apps. Although becoming somewhat popular in the beginning, is lost over time. In the middle of last year, the app was completely discontinued.


A particular type of search engine from Google was Ardvark. Questions could be asked through Ardvark's own web or email and instant messenger. The answers to these questions could be discussed in Ardvark. Google bought Ardvark in 2009, for 50 million dollars. Google shut down the service on September 2011.

Google Buzz

While Facebook and Twitter were gaining full popularity, Google Buzz debuted at 2010. Google believes that social networking, micro blogging and messaging tools will make it popular worldwide. Google did not got respond very well by this. Google Buzz was shut down on December 2011.

Google Code Search

Search Engine Google has and has specialized search services of various types. One such service is Google Code Search. Google launched the search for open source code on the Internet. Google announced the shutdown of its service in early 2012.

Google Dictionary

Google's dictionary service has been running for a long time, from one language to another. However, the next time Google search engine started using the 'Define' operator to find the meaning of words and Google translation service was eventually closed, the Google Dictionary was closed on August 2011.


With the idea of a personal web page or web porter, iGoogle started in the 2005. By 2007, Google had spread the service to 42 country domains in 70 languages. That year it had more than 7.1 million users. According to the data of 2008, Google uses about 20 percent of the people used IGoogle. Nonetheless, Personalized Homepage Services iGoogle was shut down in the 2013. The service allows users to customize the homepage of their device. IGoogle didn't have much need for Google commentary, Chrome browser and Android.


Picnic was very popular as an online photo editing and photo library application. Google bought it in 2010 after the picnic journey began in 2010. Google announced its closure in January 2012. According to that announcement, the picnic closed in April of that year.

Google Reader

Google Reader is the latest addition to Google's product and service closure. As an RSS feed reader, Google Reader was popular enough online. It started in 2005. Over time, Google said its users were low. That's why Google eventually shut it down.


Users can identify their location through the service. Google purchased Dodgeball in 2005. One of the founders of the service is Dennis Crowley. He left Google at 2007, and about two years later launched a similar service Foursquare. Google had no plans for Dodgeball afterwards.

Google Hangouts On Air

This was Google's live streaming service. The service was added to YouTube Live on September 2016. The service was launched in 2012. Online live streaming is just becoming popular at that time. The service was used by then- US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis.

Google Catalog

The Google Shopping Catalog was an interactive shopping program. The mobile version of this app was discontinued in 2013 but the desktop version was discontinued in 2015.

Google Video

G-Video was Google's own video streaming service. However, after the acquisition of YouTube in 2006, the service lost interest. Google stopped uploading new videos for the service in the 2009. The service was discontinued in the last 2012.

Nexus Q

Google's streaming media player was the Nexus Q. It was designed to connect all home appliances to the same platform. At a developer conference in 2012, Google provided details of the $299 product. However, the product was discharged for unknown reasons before it came to market.

Google X

G X was introduced as an alternative interface to Google's search engine. Sudden service was discontinued on March 2005. The reason for the closure of Google X is still a mystery.

Google Health

They introduced the service to give health care providers access to a house of information. Failing to respond to a wider range, Google Health Services has had to say goodbye forever in 2012.

Google Play

In 2014, Google introduced fans to Google Play with the special version of Android. But it closed on January 2015.

Google Wave

Wave was designed to provide the opportunity to interact with each other through message exchange. It could also be used to edit a document together. But the method used was very complicated. That is why the customer did not get such popularity. The service lasted for a year before shutting down completely on August 2010.

Google Answer

Co-founder of Google Larry Page's brain service was Google Answer. Not only that, this was the search giant's first project. The service was operational for more than four years. Google Answers stopped responding to numerous customer queries worldwide in 2006.

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