Google Quantum Supremacy

Surprisingly, the computer that we now carry around in our pocket is less powerful than the most powerful computer of 50 years ago. Also, they were the same size as a house. There is a stronger computer available, supercomputer. These specialized computers are using to solve complex and difficult research and mathematical problems. What is more surprising is that there are some mathematical problems that cannot solve with this super computer. Various efforts are taking to solve these problems. The idea of quantum computers has come in continuation of this. Let’s read today the 6 information about the google quantum supremacy:

It takes only 200 seconds to solve a math those may solved today’s computer in 10,000 years.


The basis of quantum computers is quantum mechanics. This is an idea of physics, more than 100 years ago. When dealing with atoms of matter and even the smallest parts, special behaviors are found. For example, these tiny particles can be in multiple states at the same time. Quantum is an attempt to create a computer using these particular religions of matter.


A research article recently published in the famous scientific journal Nature. It is said that Google has created a quantum processor called Sycamore (Google Quantum Supremacy). Using it, they solved a problem in 200 seconds, which would have taken 10,000 years to try to solve the current most powerful computer. Although another company that is studying quantum computers, IBM says that in reality, the task of the supercomputer will take two and a half days, not 10,000 years.


At present, computers works on the binary digit 0 & 1. Works based on the concept of binary arithmetic. To put it simply, as we use numbers up to 0-9 for general calculations, computers can use 0 and 1 there. Write 2 on the computer as 10.


The smallest unit of a common computer is a bit, the smallest of a quantum computer is a quantum bit or a cubit. The smallest values of bits can be 0 and 3, and the value of cubits can be any number between 0 and 5. As a result, it will be possible to store and calculate a lot of data in the same amount of space. Although the task of making a quantum computer is very complicated.


Google made a Google Quantum Supremacy announcement, but it has not yet become useful for any purpose. More research is need to get to that stage. And this research is not only done by Google alone, but many other companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Righetti, Psycho Antam, and IonQ are working on it.


If Quantum computers are built successfully, this is not true nowadays computers will discard or not use by anyone. It will be using for new types of research and special cases. For example, supercomputers are now using and many other types of computers are operating in the same way.

What do think? Is the quantum computer will help us to develop the country or it will destroy our generation? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Or read our another article on this: How Google’s Quantum Computer Could Change the World

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