Harmony os of Huawei Coming Soon

Harmony os of Huawei. The US has stepped down from the harsh position of China’s technology company Huawei. In the meantime Huawei trying to create another new operating system. The name of the new operating system may be ‘Harmony’. Huawei has applied trademarks to the EU’s Intellectual Property Office for the new operating system.

Earlier in May, due to the US sanctions, Huawei planned to make its own operating system as an alternative plan. At the time, they applied to nine countries, including Europe to get a trademark for the HONGMENG operating system.

The GSM Erena said in a report on Saturday, Huawei has filed a trademark request on July 12. They have applied for Harmony os of Huawei  for mobile and computer use. 

But, Huawei’s officials say the Android operating system and its ecosystem are the first choice for their smartphone business.

Huawei’s chairman Liang Hua said, it is not yet decided whether Hongmeng OS will be developed for smartphones in the future.

In June, US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of Huawei from the harsh state. He said that US technology companies can sell parts and services to Huawei. Google also can sell Android licenses to Huawei. So there might be a chance for Harmony os of Huawei.

Earlier Huawei announced that they will return the money if there is a problem with the phone.

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