How Much Red Meat Should You Eat

Around Eid there is a lot of planning going on on delicious dishes. We make various types of red meat (cows, goats, buffaloes, sheep) in Eid Ul Adha. Red meat is a nutritious food. However, patients with heart disease, kidney and high blood pressure need to be careful. So let’s see how much red meat should you eat daily.

The amount of red meat you can eat daily

A healthy person can eat 85 grams of red meat daily. So if you take meat equal to one bundle of card, it becomes about 85 grams. Usually the upper portion of the back of the animal has a low fat of meat. So when eating red meat, choose such part of meat.

Cooking rules

The meat should be cut out of oil-fat and cut into small pieces. Then after boiling for some time, you have to leave the water and cook. But cooking must use less oil and spices. Try to do not use butter. Cooking with vegetables or pulses such as turnips, cabbage, broccoli, bean papaya, shredded sticks, beans, shoots, shrimp, capsicum can reduce the amount of fat. And it is also good for health. It is better to eat whole meat by baking, grilling without eating roasted meat. It consumes less calories. And after eating red meat, you can eat salad, sour yogurt. They prevent the absorption of fat in the body.


1. This is a very good source of protein. So eating red meat is beneficial for muscle formation, bone growth and weight gain. Children in particular need to grow should eat.

2. An excellent source of iron too. And it helps to increase hemoglobin in pregnant women, adolescents, older people and children.

3. A good source of vitamin B complex, helps improve the nervous system and eyes, helps digestion, enhances the beauty of hair, skin and nails and eliminates the lack of B complex.

4. Beneficial for the body because of its good source of zinc. Zinc helps to increase the body’s immunity, stimulate interest, dry wounds, enhance body growth and reproductive health.


1. It contains lots of LDL cholesterol, triglyceride, which increases blood cholesterol levels.

2. Saturated fat is high so it blockage in the arteries, causing heart attack or stroke.

3. Increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Excessive red meat plays into the stomach, causing gastric and ulcer problems.

5. Taking extra red meat increases the risk of cancer of the colon, small intestine, stomach, prostate, colon and breast.

6. Risk of arthritis and kidney cancer increases. Uric acid increases.


1. It is better not to eat the red meat those are have problem in heart. So you can eat up to 50 grams of meat without fat.

2. Patients with kidney and high blood pressure and those with high blood cholesterol levels, should eat red meat as little as possible.

3. If you have constipation or piles, very little amount of red meat should be taken. Lots of water, juice, isabagul bhusi you can drink.

4. This meat should be avoided if you have allergies.

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