How to get Indian Visa in Bangladesh

To get an Indian visa a lot of trouble you may face with dollar endorsements or bank statements, especially those who don’t have a bank account or don’t have enough money in the account. And again, many people fall in problem of getting fake passports endorsement. So there is an easy way to do so without any hassle and that is – “State Bank of India Travel Card“. So in this case Credit card may solve this probelem. But credit cards are a very expensive and complicated issue. Not everyone has, and the bank authorities do not want to issue credit cards to everyone. So the simple solution is – State Bank of India’s travel card. Let’s see how to get Indian Visa easily.

How to get indian visa

Travel card benefits (How to get Indian Visa)

If you have a Travel Card from ‘State Bank of India‘, you will not need to apply for a visa or any type of bank statement or passport endorsement. Only a photocopy of this travel card, application form and a copy of electricity bill will be required. Besides, having a travel card of ‘State Bank of India’ is of particular importance in obtaining a visa.

How to do State Bank of India travel card?

State Bank of India, or abbreviated as it is called SBI Travel Card. It is directly supervised by the State Bank of India. You do not have to have a bank account to receive this card. And the most interesting thing is that you do not have to wait day after day to receive this card, it is available immediately from any branch of State Bank of India.

SBI's branch in Bangladesh

There are multiple branches of State Bank of India in Dhaka and outside Dhaka from where this special travel card you can get:

Gulshan Branch – Uday Tower, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1222.

Motijheel Branch – General Insurance, Dilkusha, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000

Rajshahi Branch – Marium Tower, Greater Road, Spectrum Turn, Rajshahi.

Khulna Branch – 64, KDA Avenue, Khulna

Chittagong – Chittagong Stock Exchange Building, Chittagong

Sylhet Branch – Roseview Complex, Sylhet

How to get indian visa

Documents for SBI Travel Card

1. Passport

2. Photocopy of passport

3. Photocopy of national identity card

4. 5 copies of passport size picture

Fee (How to get Indian Visa)

To get the SBI Travel Card, you will have to pay 1400 taka as a fee. You will also have to pay a recharge fee of Tk 230 so you will have to pay 1630 taka in total. Then, you’ll get a card with 5 years validity period.

After that you have to recharge the minimum $150 USD, as you have to prove that you can afford to spend $150 in travel to India. Note that you still have to pay this passport when you pass Andros, so there is no reason to think of this as an extra expense. And with this dollar of card you can even shop. How to get Indian visa

Where you Can use this card?

With this card you can use 90% location in India.

For example: if you want to visit to any hospital such as CMS Hospital of vellore, Sangkara Nethralay of chennai, Apollo hospital of chennai, Nimhas hospital of Bangalore, TATA cancer hospital of Mumbai are also much better, middle hospital.

If you intend to go shopping again, you can use this card to pay your bill at Maximum location in India. Such as Chennai’s Pondi Bazaar Shopping Area, Tea City Shopping Area, Paris Corner Shopping Area, Vellore City, etc. How to get Indian visa

Besides, you can make cash or rupees from any ATM booth at any branch of State Bank of India. With this card you can withdraw up to Rs. 10,000 from any ATM booth powered by VISA while traveling to India.


There are different fees for using SBI Travel Cards

1. The ATM will deduct 1% charge for withdrawing rupees /any foreign currency.

2. During the cheking of balance. There is 0.5% deduction charge.

3. With this card you can withdraw up to $500 USD in 1 day.

If you go to SAARC countries, you can load up to $5000 USD and in other countries up to $7000 USD. How to get Indian visa

The biggest advantage of this card is that it will help you a lot for your visa confirmation. So let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comment section below. Thanks. 

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