how to make your battery last longer on android

One thing is make us worried when we use a smartphone. And that’s the battery level. There are many who reduce the brightness of the phone for fear of running out of battery. Making it difficult to see anything on the screen. All this is done in hopes of getting a battery backup only a little longer. But there are many other techniques if you follow, the battery backup of a smartphone will increase dramatically. So let’s talk today on the topic “how to make your battery last longer on android?


Poor network service is detrimental to the phone’s battery backup. In places where the network is worse than your phone’s network capacity, battery power is used excessively in the use of internet and voice call services. Because, it try reconnects repeatedly. If your phone is low on charge, the battery will be saved if the phone’s flight mode is turned on. However, by turning on Flight Mode, the mobile phone network is completely disconnected, so in this case no call will be made to your phone and mobile data will not be used. When you need it, turn off the flight mode and network will come back to the phone. But, the phone’s Wi-Fi works in flight mode.


Different apps on your phone may give you notifications for various reasons. Notifications, such as Facebook comments, messenger messages or imo missed calls, discharge the phone’s battery. Such applications are periodically run in the background to display new messages. So if you want to get more battery backup, go to the notification settings of these phone apps and arrange for as little notification as possible.

Background App

Apps like Facebook, Skype, Messenger, Imo, WhatsApp also run in the background. If you do not want to receive their notifications, you can turn off their background activities or auto-start permissions.

GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi (Battery Backup)

Bluetooth or GPS uses a large amount of your battery. Because they work in the background for a long time. Even sometimes you don’t know if they are ON. If you use GPS for mapping then only enable during the map use. And after that, don’t forget to disable that. Bluetooth as well as discharge your phone’s battery. So do not unnecessarily turn on GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi.


You may notice that, how much charge is required to take pictures and record video. Taking pictures, especially video, requires a lot of charge for camera work. When you capture anything or recording any video, a lot of things are enabled. The first is camera then display, light sensor, sometimes gravity sensor as well. During this time you can turn off all other phone services and focus only on doing pictures or videos – it will save the battery at least a little bit. And refrain from using Flash unnecessarily.

The Tactical Use of GPS

Yes, you can use GPS while on the move. But Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp do not just need to use GPS in these apps. Using such costs extra power from your battery. So use it modestly. If you want to go somewhere. Download the Google Map data of that area before going. This is really a good habit also. This will help you to get all that data even if you don’t have internet. So you’ll be able to save internet cost and battery- as there is no need to spend energy for networking!

how to make your battery last longer on android

Screen Brightness Control

Turn off the screen’s Auto Brightness feature. When it’s turned on, the phone’s sensor works all the time, and it reduces and enhances the brightness of the screen depending on the light around you. It costs extra battery power. Instead, set yourself a certain screen brightness level. Make changes again later if needed.

Live wallpapers and widgets

Phone live wallpapers cost more than ordinary wallpapers. So, if you want more battery backup, stop using live wallpaper. Reducing the usage of various widgets, such as weather, email, news, etc. which are updated periodically, will be helpful in increasing battery backup.

how to make your battery last longer on android


Overheating or cold may damage the phone’s battery. 15 degree Celsius is the ideal temperature for a mobile battery. If it is higher then it will lose its performance. One study found that placing a lithium ion battery at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius would lose 20% of its capacity every year. And at temperatures up to a maximum of 40-50 degrees Celsius, the battery will be safe from immediate damage (such as explosion).

Software updates

Keep your phone’s operating system and apps updated. Because developers constantly try to make the application and OS more usable. So the updated software is more likely to be good for batteries. Sometimes developer bring changes or update software to increase the battery backup. So keep software up to date.

2G / 3G or 4G (Help to Battery Backup)

Using phones over 3G and 4G networks consumes more battery power than the 2G networks. The reason is simple. The more powerful network you use, the more battery power will be reduced. Although the Internet is slower on the 2G network, and the voice quality in the field is also a bit lower, you can use the 2G network to obtain more battery backup only if you wish to comply with this restriction. You can select 2G / 3G / 4G networks by going to the phone’s network settings.

When you are out of 3G network in a remote area than you should go to the 2G mode. As there no 3G network is available, so staying at the 3G mode is really a fool’s activities. So go to 2G mode if you do not require the 3G mode for a certain period.


The phone has a small motor for vibration feature. It costs a good deal, of course. So in case of touch and other effects, turn off vibration. Remember, turning off vibration for phone calls may be a problem for you on the go (you may not be able to receive calls if someone calls you). So you have to decide when to have vibrations and when to not.

Power Saving Mode

Every smartphone has a battery saving or power saving mode. In the case of the iPhone it is called ‘Low Power Mood’ and some of the other phone called it “Ultra Light Power Mode”. If you turn on this service, all background apps won’t work. The brightness of the screen also decreases. It does its utmost to increase the battery backup of your phone. But in this case you cannot use all the features of the phone. Such as you will not be able to use most of the apps, control the brightness or watch videos. So if you have a high charge problem, you can use this mode to increase battery backup (if you have).

how to make your battery last longer on android

Flight mood, or switch off?

Keeping your phone on is using battery charge, that’s true. If this is the case, the phone is low in charge, but after a short time the phone will be useful again, in this case it is better not to turn off the smartphone but to keep it in flight mode. Because once the shutdown is started, the phone needs a lot of power, which will off your phone completely.

Screen Timeout

Turn on the screen timeout to 15 to 30 seconds. Some of us set this to TEN MINUTES! If you set the time to 30 seconds, the phone screen will be automatically off. So this will help you a lot to save battery charge. 

Other to take battery backup

Keep the phone locked after use. It will not be able to turn on any options unexpectedly. You can keep the visual effects off. Fully charge and completely discharge the phone battery at least once a month.

Hopefully these tips on how to make your battery last longer on android will help to increase your phone’s battery backup. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. Thanks.

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