How to Optimize Fiverr Gig’s Image

Today let’s discuss How to Optimize Fiverr Gig’s Image. Though the article is a bit longer I believe you will be benefited from it. So Let’s get started then.
What to do and what not to do when creating a Fiverr gig image?

Needless to say how important the gig image is. An attractive gig image will help you to get buyers. I’m going to make it easy with an example – let’s say you are browsing youtube to watch something. Now you will click on the most attractive thumbnail that has a nice title and image. Also, when you see someone else’s gig definitely you see the title and image first, then you click on that gig. In the same way, the buyer/client will be attracted to see your gig image and enter the gig. If you are lucky you can also get the order.

Here are 10 important things to keep in mind when creating a gig image:

1. Quality

Gig image quality must be good. That means no pixelated image can be used. Many people do not pay attention to the image quality of the gig. So keep the good quality of the image carefully.

2. Copyrights

Do not use copyright image i.e. stock image. The copyright issue in Fiverr terms & conditions is very bold. Even using copyrighted images may result in an account ban. Be careful!

3. Clickbait

Clickbait refers to any click symbol/icon in the middle of the image. This type of clickbait symbol cannot be used.

4. Badges

No matter which level of seller you are. Fiverr badges cannot be used in gig images. The buyer can see what position you are in as soon as the buyer enters your profile. So such badges should never be used in gig images.

5. Avoid Extra Text

Try to keep the gig image neat and clean. Many people are seen using a lot of text in the middle of the image. Due to which the buyer gets confused a lot of the time. Moreover, the impression of the gig will not become good if you do so.

6. Density

Do not make your gig image messy. For example, you work with logo design. Use a unique logo on gig images. Do not add 4-5 logos to an image. Basically, it is better to create a minimal image by leaving as much space as possible.

7. Proportions

Keep the right proportions of the image. For this, the image size must be 550 pixels x 370 pixels. Create a gig image by maintaining this ratio. The image size can be up to 5 MB.

8. Don’t reuse the image

If you have more than one gig, do not use the same image for your other gigs.

9. Show your face

If you want to add your own picture to the image, use your original and clean image. Suppose your title is: “I will do professional work for you” you can add a quality picture of yourself to the gig image. This may attract buyers.

10. Avoid Irrelevant Images

Use images that go with your service. Suppose you are providing digital marketing services but have used logo icons in the image. Refrain from doing such things.


You’ve created the image by keeping everything in order. Now let’s learn how to do image SEO?

Benefits of Image SEO?

Image SEO will make the gig Buyer friendly. When the buyer searches for a freelancer in the search box to purchase a service, you may have your gig on that page. Remember, if you want to get a job, no opportunity can be missed. Image SEO is the keyword input inside the image.

How to do Image SEO?

You can do keyword research and save it in a notepad or Microsoft word. Then keep the image size correct (550 px x 370)
Photoshop option bar> File> File info
Then a box will appear. All you have to do is-
Document title– Here you can enter your name or your gig title.
Author– If you want you can write your name here.
Description– You can add the description of your gig here.
Rating– 5-star rating.
Keyword– Add the keywords that you researched and saved to the note pad here. Then press ok. That’s it.

[You can do the same thing on your existing image without photoshop as well. Just click on the right button of your image, then click on Properties, then click on details. See below. You will see all the fields just told above.]

You can do Keyword research from several websites. Do google for that.
These are the 10 most important aspects of image and image SEO. If you can create a gig image by following this way, you can hopefully get a good response.

If you want to be a successful Freelancer then you must be patient step by step. There is no shortcut to success in life. There are shortcuts on the keyboard ctrl + c> ctrl + v. And you’re not the keyboard you’re the best creature man in creation. So keep trying. Success will knock on your door.

We’ll talk again later about any new topic. Till then take care…

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