How to Pass Captcha Test Easily

The word captcha is nothing new to Internet users today. The full meaning of CAPTCHA consisting of English words – Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. That is, captcha is the process of automatically verifying the difference between a human and a computer. Bot software has improved a lot with the advancement of technology. Cyber attackers use these bots or scripts to extract information from various sites. So today we are going to share the tips on “How to Pass Captcha Test Easily”. Read this article if you don’t know what captcha is.

Captcha is using by almost every site to prevent them and increase internet security. Let’s find out about the different types of captchas available on the internet and the rules for filling them.

Text Captcha

Text Captcha

It can be easily understood and fulfilled by any human being. See the following example taken from the online portal of Bangladesh National Identity Card.
The box above the arrow in the picture above contains a captcha. If you take a good look, you will see kwnx4 written in English letters with another box below it. Write kwnx4 in that box. In this way, when the captcha is written in front of you in such a picture, you have to understand the picture well and write it in the right place.

General mathematical problems

This type of captcha can be found everywhere on the internet. In these cases providing a very common mathematical problemand it ask to find the solution and give the answer. Problems are usually addition or subtraction. For example: “2-3 = how much?” Something like that. Anyone can fill out this type of captcha because it is so common. It is not considering effectively in maintaining the security of the website as it can be solved very easily.

Problems with words

In this type of capture, providing some letters or numbers, or both. From this the users have to type the mentioned words and numbers in the box next to them. The use of these word-related problems is increasingly noticeable on the Internet. No robot can easily solve such problems. So this method is considering much safer.

Social media sign-in

When creating an account on a website, instead of providing your personal information, you also have the option to sign in through social media websites. Many people use this type of sign-in system to save time. In this login system, the information of the account created on that site is beign fill up based on the information available in your social media account. However, it is better to stay away from such social media sign-in when creating an account on a relatively new website.


Sometimes the form filling time is also used as a captcha. In this case, the completed form is considering to cancel sooner or later. Usually a robot fills out the form instantly. This type of captcha is very effective in robot controlled sign-in processes.


Honeypot quite advanced captcha system. It gives some visible as well as invisible spaces on the site. When a person enters the site, they just fill in the blanks visible. However, when a bot enters the site, it fills in the visible as well as invisible spaces. This way the site’s captcha system can easily find the robot.

Picture Identification

Picture identification can be understood from the name of the capture work. This type of captcha system provides different types of images and asks them to distinguish between images with the same characteristics. Since the bot’s visual acuity is not so sharp, this type of captcha system takes full advantage of it by displaying a lot of low quality images. You do not have to enter any text in this type of captcha. Rather it is said to distinguish certain objects or features from certain images. Failure to complete this captcha will result in multiple captchas being issued at once, which is much more time consuming to complete.

No captcha recaptcha

Google came up with this captcha in 2014. Since its arrival it has been slowly gaining popularity. In this type of captcha, users have to click on a checkbox labeled ‘I’m not a robot.’ In this system usually consider the movement of the user. If a bot completes this captcha, it will click right in the middle of the checkbox, which is never possible with a human eye. However, once users fail to complete this type of captcha, again providing any other type of captcha.

Invisible recaptcha

The invisible recaptcha system is a relatively advanced captcha system. Invisible as its name implies. However, an invisible recaptcha can be seen in one corner of a logo site. Capture does not exist on the website. It monitors how the user is using the site, how they are clicking on specific buttons. This type of captcha system is convenient for both the user and the site owner.

Confident recaptcha

This type of captcha system allows you to distinguish an image with a specific theme from some images. About 96% of people pass this type of captcha very easily. However, those who are quick to use the website, they also fail to complete this simple captcha.

Suite Recaptcha

This type of captcha is a lot like the confident recaptcha mentioned. In this type of captcha system, some items are asking to match or sorted accordingly. This type of captcha system is most effective. Bots can’t fill this type of captcha. Even people have to struggle to fill such captchas.

Which of the above captcha systems seems to be the safest for you? Let us know in the comments.

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