How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

It’s hard to find people who don’t have anxiety. However, excess anxiety is so alarming that it can be one of the leading causes of life-threatening, from stroke to human hypertension. I have seen upset people in bed to go to life support in hospital. So, I read some books at the Chicago Public Library in 2016 and at the Largo Public Library in 2017 as a way to relieve anxiety. One of my favorite books I read was Dale Carnegie‘s How to Stop worrying and Start Living. The book contains all the ways Dell Carnegie has said. So, as I sit down to write about ways to relieve anxiety, writing a summary of Dale Carnegie’s book seems to be the best way to relieve anxiety. Let’s see, the essence of the book.

How to Stop Worrying/ anxiety and Start Living

The Basics You Should Know About worrying -

1. Live in a sunny room and live for the day until you go to sleep without worrying about the future.

2. Follow the Wills H Carrier formula to deal with the problem. The formula is:

A. Think if you can’t fix the problem, what are the maximum problem you may face.

B. Prepare to accept the worst problem.

C. Then calmly try to get the best out of the worst damage / problem.

3 Remind yourself of the anxiety that can harm yourself.

Ways to Analyze Anxiety -

1. Collect all the information.

2. Come to a conclusion from the facts.​

3. Without worrying about the consequences, leave yourself worry-free.

4. Whenever you feel anxious, feel free to answer the following questions:

A. What is the problem

B. What are the causes of the problem?

C. What are some ways that can solve the problem?

D. What is the best way to solve the problem?

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, anxity

How to Stop Worrying/ anxiety and Start Living

How do you break a habit of worrying before anxiety breaks you down?

1. Stay busy

2. Don’t shout on a tiny topic.

3. Worrying about what that might be, how does it go on average?

4. Whatever it is, work collaboratively with the problem.

5. Decide not to worry as much as your anxiety can cause.

6. Don’t worry about the past. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Seven Ways to Improve Emotional Happiness -

1. Fill the mind with peace, encouragement, good health and hope.

2. Do not waste even a minute thinking about the people you don’t like.

3. Accept human gratitude.

4. Not your problems, count your receipts.

5. Be like yourself Remember, no one else in this world is like you.

6. Find out the profit even in the loss. If you have a lemon in your luck, make lemonade.

7. Make others happy.

The Perfect Way to Win Anxiety-

1. Pray

2. Live with the present. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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