Justin Trudeau Brown Face

Justin Trudeau born in December 25, 1971 in Ottawa. He is a politician and the leader of the liberal party. He is the current Prime Minister of Canada. First he was elected leader on April 14, 2013. Again in 2019 he has elected as the PM of Canada for the second time. Today we are going to see more about Justin Trudeau. Let’s talk today about Just Trudeau Brown Face. The “Brown Face” is not actually his name. Let’s see what it is…

Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada. He brought her children to the Prime Minister’s office. They used to run around the office. One of them went straight to the office and sat in the Prime Minister’s chair. Pictures of the media were also published. People in Canada used to see that picture and say, ‘Daddy’s son. The smiling face of the Prime Minister, his four-year-old child sitting in the Prime Minister’s official chair.

Prediction comes true

Richard Nixon, president of the United States, was on a state visit to Ottawa. International photojournalists are following him. Richard Nixon sits with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his family members during the state banquet. President Nixon saw his baby in Pierre Trudeau’s lap, he said jokingly the child would be Canada’s prime minister. That joke now came in real life. That prophecy came true one day! After 43 years, the child is the Prime Minister of Canada. 

Not once. Twice! Justin Trudeau, the son of Pierre Trudeau, has been elected to the second term. He became the Prime Minister of Canada twice. The first Canadian Prime Minister was elected at the age of just 43. He is the first Prime Minister in the history of Canada whose father was also a Prime Minister. The Liberal Party’s leader Trudeau won the Conservative Party’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper by a huge margin in the 2015 election. Almost nine years later, the Liberal Party won the victory over the Conservatives in Canada. The Liberal Party has won 158 seats in 2019.

The politics come as a surprise

Growing up in a family-friendly political environment, he starts politics in 2008. Earlier, the young man was also involve in various occupations. Just Trudeau Brown Face chose the teaching profession after graduation. But after his father died, he became involve in politics. He has been in discussions since then. For two reasons, his popularity is slowly rising. The Prime Minister’s son does not have the added advantage of Canadian politics. Justin Trudeau caught everyone’s attention. He can talk very well. As long as he gives a speech, the audience is fascinated by this. The speech is very easily sought-after and demanded in the minds of the people. Because of this, he found much acceptance to the common man. 

Secondly, in ordinary life. This quality of a great leader is also include, wherever he goes on the train, restaurant, stadium he sits with the general people. Although elected as prime minister twice, he does not lead a luxurious life or misuses his power. Take a selfie with people standing in the street, and if there any baby he took in his lap and walk around. Order food at the restaurant and sit down to eat with everyone. In the morning he goes out for Morning Walk. Along with other ordinary people in the city. He talks with them, Listens to them. He used to play boxing in college life. Before he got into politics, he was a star in the country. He is also very fondness of the beautiful ladies. All in all, the general people accept them long ago. 

Election of 2011

The Liberal Party’s condition is critical then. But Trudeau shows surprise. While the Liberal Party seats only 36 in the 2011 elections, his party got 184 seats in this time. The absolute majority required 170. He got 14 more seats than that. After the election, Michael resigned from the party’s leadership. In 2013, Just Trudeau Brown Face competed for the title of leader and led the team with huge support. He was elected as the main leader of the Liberal Party in the 2015 national elections. He won the election campaign for just one year. From the first time as a Prime Minister, he fights for the second time of elections in 2019. The people also chose Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada.

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The reason for his popularity around the world

At the age of 43, Justin Trudeau took over as the first Canadian Prime Minister. He is at number two on Canada’s youngest PM list. But he is number one when it comes to the Prime Minister, with a humorous, open-minded and clever youth. When it comes to the politicians and the Prime Minister, we think the person is moody. In the face of seriousness, he will be beyond the reach of the general with a state security fleet. No, he’s just overthinking Justin Trudeau. He seems rather comfortable sharing the joy with the fans dancing on the street. His dance is gaining huge popularity on Facebook and Twitter. Billions of people have had the pleasure of dancing with the Indian festival song ‘Hadipappa’. This kind of dance is not new for Korta-pajamas. 

He has also been seen dancing in the streets before in the election campaign. He also enjoy dancing with a lion puppet to celebrate Chinese New Year in Toronto. He has also performs at the Regina Mosaic Culture Festival. He even dances with only a shirt and pants. The story of his fascination with Indian culture is not unknown to anyone now. He went to Trinidad and dance to Indian festivals. It was this physical manifestation of his generous mind that brought him into the discussion to the people. Like other Prime Ministers, he does not take huge security or bodyguard with him.

Family & Professions

His family’s past visit will show that he has grown in a very political environment. His grandfather was one of the most influential businessmen. His grandfather (mother’s Dad) was an MP and a minister. His father was a Canadian president. Her mother was an actress, a popular television presenter. His wife, Sofia, is also a celebrity model, presenter. Before becoming Prime Minister, Just Trudeau Brown Face work in various occupations. He was a professional coach in snowboarding.

He also worked as a doorman at the gate of the nightclub. He was also the ‘rafting guide’ on the ice. He is also an actor and camp counselor. Did teaching. He also got a small amount of marijuana from his friends – a simple confession. Now he left all of these bad habits. He has broken the notion that leaders change when they become power owners. Rather, it has won the hearts of people of all classes. Forgetting the differences of religion, caste, language, and class, he is drawn to all, he is worthy of the respect he is different from everyone else. Refugees from Syria and Turkey have been grants asylum in Canada after being elected. The tax of middle-class people reduced rather than rich people.

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Love then marry

Not only in politics but also as a lover, a very successful Trudeau. The beginning of a long love story with wife Sofia is quite funny. The event is in 2003. At a fundraising event for a charity, two first met. But Trudeau knew Sofia already. However, no one has ever set foot on love. Sophia was Justin’s younger brother’s classmate. She was known to them. After that charity ceremony, love began to start. Then in October 2004, the complete the engagement. Then they married in 2005. Now they have three children in the family.

Friends of refugees

Drawn tattoos on hand. He regularly does yoga. He is different from all sides. He is also an exception as the President. The western world just through tons of speech but do not help them. Without getting food, no medical care, crossing the desert, floating in the sea when refugees are reaching their borders, they are stopping at the border. For this reason, the Canadian Prime Minister said with love and tears eyes, “You are Welcome” Canada has open its doors to refugees. 

Feeding them, giving them room. Creating job opportunities. Humanity is not a word of mouth to him. He open the door for refugees ever since he was elected Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. In the first four months, they sheltered about 25,000 refugees in Canada. The young prime minister, who is sympathetic to Muslims, said: “Whatever their religion is, people from terrorist attack, war is always welcome to Canada”

What Women Fan's do

Now he is 47 years old. Height 6 feet 2 inches. Whoever saw such a Prime Minister? Playing boxing, chatting with ordinary people at a restaurant. Have fun while playing with kids. Dancing at the domestic ceremony is astonishing everyone. Great fashionable Trudeau. Speaking style and smart movement, there is no stopping the growth of women’s interest to him. Female fans of Canada’s Prime Minister search on the Internet: “is the Canadian Prime Minister married?” 

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