Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms

Many are now aware of Narcissism. The abundance of theory and information on the subject is enough to stimulate your interest in the Internet. According to psychological analysis, it is a type of illness. Some of which are manifest through the behavior of the person. But there are a number of these behavioral traits we all have. But whether or not it is a symptom of the disease depends on these levels. Before that it is important to know what Narcissism really is. So let’ see today narcissistic personality disorder symptoms.

Narcissism means solitary confinement within yourself, an exaggerated sense of beauty and ability that builds self-esteem. In one word it can be called extreme self-love.

This Narcissism disease’s official name is “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” or “NPD”. Mean, it can be said that ‘personal self-love is a deviation from personal behavior’. It is considered not only a disease but also a social or cultural problem. Narcissism is one of the main three types of negative personality of human beings. The other two types are Machiavellian ism and Psychopathy. However, the ego that is common to everyone. Whether it is respect for oneself or confidence in one’s own ability or love for one’s own achievement. Something that everyone should and should not have, but Narcissism. Sigmund Freud called this nonsensical personality a primary narcissism. However, at the end of the twentieth century it began to become known as ‘healthy self-love’.

Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms or Characteristics

  • Explicit self-centeredness in interpersonal communication / relationships.
  • Problems with sustainable relationships.
  • Lack of psychological awareness.
  • Lack of rational ideas about the feelings of others.
  • Seeing ownself always in a higher position than others.
  • Extremely sensitive to any contempt or fictitious contempt.
  • More guilt on shame, not on the bad work.
  • Disrespectful and abusive posture.
  • Hate own critics.
  • Doing own work by others without thinking.
  • In fact, think of yourself as more important than not.
  • Introduce (subtly but consistently) and exaggerate one’s achievements.
  • Think of yourself as a scholar of many things.
  • Unable to grasp what the real world is like in the eyes of others.
  • Refusal to express remorse and gratitude / unwillingness.

Meanwhile, renowned US psychiatrist and psychiatrist Dr. Sandy Hutchison says there may be seven types of behavioral traits of a narcissist, which he calls the “deadly sins”. So these are – shamelessness, consensual thinking, arrogance, jealousy, ambition to gain submission, deception and unlimited rights.

Hope this post on narcissistic personality disorder symptoms or NPD will help you to learn something new. But we suggest you treat every person with care. Do not behave with these kind people roughly. Before taking any action we strongly recommend you to consult wit a doctor. Read Disclaimer Policy. Thanks…

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