How Google’s Quantum Computer Could Change the World

Quantum computer have been a widely discussed term in the technology world for many years. It is said that anyone who can reach this computer will be the controller of the whole world. According to a recently leaked research, Google has already got a quantum computer. But is that really “scary” computer in the hands of Google?

The issue started in September. For a long time Quantum Computer used to run rats of various research and competition of various tech giants. But the month of September 2019 has sparked a new debate. Now, it seems that Google, the top tech company, has first reached Quantum Computer. However, Google has not officially announced it. The company has not commented on this.

A Forbes article states that a research paper recently made by Google’s researchers was published on the US space research firm NASA’s website. Later it was removed from the website again. It is saying that the research paper is upload there mistakenly. However, in that short time many people read or download the dissertation. Analysts say the leaked dissertation is not the final, the draft. They believe that this draft was made before finalizing the dissertation. It was later published mistakenly.

Quantum Computer

According to the report by Wired, Google has clearly indicated in its quest for ‘quantum supremacy’. The original research paper has already been accepted by the journal Science, but it has not been published yet. The leaked research claims that researchers were able to solve a particular mathematical problem in just three minutes with the quantum computer they discovered. However, with the most powerful super computer of the present, it will take almost 10,000 years to fully solve the same mathematical problem. Google uses a special chip called ‘Sycamore’ capable of quantum computing, which has 53 cubits (the basic unit of quantum computers). Cubits can perform many times more than traditional computer bits.

What is Quantum Computer:

The question is, what is quantum supremacy? The main difference between a quantum computer with an ordinary computer is that the quantum computer can solve many problems of a quantum mechanism. In order to solve the same problem, the latest modern computer takes hundreds of thousands of years. This is what is called quantum supremacy. That is, when an organization or a country can solve those complex problems in a very short time through the quantum computer, it will say that they have achieved quantum supremacy. From that point of view, Google’s achievements are consider to be remarkable. According to leaked research, it has achieved quantum supremacy as the world’s first institution. Google going to make a formal announcement this year.

How Quantum Computer Work:

Let’s know briefly about the beginnings of a quantum computer. In the binary system, the numbers are only two: 0 and 1. With this binary number system, all kinds of work are now available on the computer. However, 0 and 1 cannot represent at the same time. Quantum computers are ahead of this place. Quantum computers can represent both 0 and 1 – The Telegraph reports. At the same time, quantum computers can represent 0 and 1 at the same time. This computer operates using super position and entanglement methods of complex and complex quantum mechanics.

binary code 1 & 0

Advantages of Quantum Computer:

Quantum computers have many advantages. It does not solve many mathematical problems. According to scientists, quantum computers will be able to solve the problems that traditional computers cannot. As a result, quantum computers can revolutionize everywhere – from pharmaceuticals to oil industries. Particularly complex mathematical problems in physics and chemistry can solve quickly. New drugs will discover. Commercial algorithms of financial institutions can further improve. Even the early forms of artificial intelligence that scientists are working on can easily improve.

Disadvantages of Quantum Computer:

There are some risks. If advanced quantum computers are available, then all of the current Internet security systems would collapse. British economist says, quantum computers will be able to do much bigger than they demand. The personal information of billions of Internet users may leak into their own bag. The government database can be hacked. Undue control can impose in the banking system. State defense system can turn off if desired. Considering these aspects, many do not even hesitate to call it a “terrible” computer.

However, Google has not yet reached the advanced quantum computer. At least the researchers are speculating. Technology analysts say that Google may have been able to create a quantum computer of primary quality. And the practical problems that have been said to be able to solve a complex problem do not have much. That is, the creation of a practically quantum computer is still a long way off. But most importantly, Google is the first to reach it. That is, so long that a quantum computer was considered to be a ‘material’ object, it no longer exists. Rather, standing on the difficult ground of the real will begin a new journey. Comparing this to the first viable satellite sent to space will be easy to understand. These early satellites might not have sent much information, but traveling around the Earth at that time was also a huge achievement. Google has been just as successful in the field of quantum computers.

But, some researchers say that achieving quantum supremacy is not ‘supreme’. Because the world of technology is constantly changing. What is the point of extreme excellence today, it can outdate tomorrow. Google’s competing company, IBM, has said that Google or Quantum Supremacy is misleading the entire research on quantum computers.

Many countries investing a lot in Quantum computer related research for the last few years. Hundreds of millions of dollars were being spent on the sector. Google’s recent success has validated the spending sector. Everyone had been chasing an imaginary gold deer for so long. 

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