Radio Signal From Space

That is happening again, the Radio Signal From Space. This phenomenon is not new. There have been multiple times before. Radio signals coming from other planet again. In the language of science called ‘fast radio burst’. Scientists have published multiple reports at one time about aliens or alien creatures. Once again, the scientists have revealed an interesting information about this. They said the signal was constantly coming from a galaxy a few light years away. A signal that was detected on a powerful telescope used in space exploration.

What is burst and where they come

Scientists are keen to know on where this signal is coming from. Is there a planet in the same galaxy as the earth. Are there any organisms in there? So is it really true that aliens are exist? Imagination has started with this. The first such telescope was detected in 2017. Of the signals that were coming up a couple of years ago, two signals have been continuously coming from 2017. Preliminary studies have claimed that the signal is coming from a shadow path next to our galaxy. Although its distance is a few light years away.

Scientists discovered a mysterious radio signal similar to this on last January. The strange radio signal caught on a Canadian telescope. The signal came from a distant galaxy, scientists said. Although they are still unsure of the exact source and type of the radio signal. 13 radio burst was heard. The signal was reported multiple times from the same source. That sound can be heard from at least 150 million light years away.

WOW! Radio Signal

wow radio signal from space

‘FRB’ is a glimpse of a small-scale radio signal. So far, researchers have identified more than five ‘FRB’. Some of these have been repeating several times. Scientists think, every day, thousands of FRBs are shining in the sky. There are various reasons for this. Maybe, a neuron star is spnning to fast. Maybe, two neuron stars are blending together. Researchers can not completely erase the presence of aliens.

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