Siri Voice Commands (Siri App)

Anything you can ask Apple’s virtual assistant app Siri to do. Siri will do what it can, and will tell you what it cannot and the alternative will try to say. For example, if you ask Siri to make a cup of coffee, Siri will say that it can not make coffee for you – but Siri will show you the address of the nearby coffee shop. Here are some Siri Voice commands you might be looking for.

Siri can send messages, search for information and even can open the camera. Apple has never released a full command list of Siri, but you can still get some help. Turning on Siri and saying Help, the app will let you know what it can do!

 This post provides some unofficial guides to Siri’s commands and queries. Remember, some commands work on Mac but may not work equally well on iOS.

To use these commands you must first enable Siri on your iPhone or Mac. Activate Siri from iPhone Settings> Siri option on iPhone. On Mac, go to System Preference> Siri menu to see if Siri is active. If not, activate it.

Hold down the Home button to start talking to Siri on the iPhone. You can provide any instructions when turned on. Also, when you say “Hey Siri” command from Settings> Siri option, Siri will appear whenever you say ‘Hey Siri’. No need to press the Home button.

You can create a keyboard shortcut to launch Siri on the Mac and find Siri in the menu bar! The default keyboard shortcut to launch Siri is ‘Command + Spacebar’ though you can change it by going to System Preferences> Siri.

Examples of some of Siri Voice commands

Make a phone call to someone or make a FaceTime call: “Call Sarah,” or “FaceTime Mom.”

To call an emergency: “Call 911,” or “Call the fire department.”

To check voicemail: “Do I have any new voice mail?” Or “Play the voicemail from Mom.”

Send text messages to someone: “Tell [name] I am on my way,” or “Tell [name] I am going to the store.”

To email someone: “Send email to [name] about [subject] and say [message].”

To read a message or email: “Read my new messages,” or “Check email.”

To set a timer: “Set the timer for 10 minutes.”

To know the weather conditions: “What’s the weather today?” Or “Do I need an umbrella?”

To see stock updates: “What’s Apple’s stock price?” Or “Where’s the NASDAQ today?”

To have a conversation: “How many cups are in a quart?” Or “How many dollars are in a euro?” Or “How many pounds are in a stone?”

To calculate: “What is a 20 percent tip on $ 68?”

Solve calculation problems: “What is 234 divided by 6?” Or “What is the square root of 16?”

Phone / Settings

To take a picture: “Take a picture.”

Selfie picking: “Take a selfie.”

Network: “Turn on / off [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Night Shift.]”

Brightness Adjust: “Increase / decrease brightness.”

Launch App: “Open [app].”

Determining relationships with contacts: “My mom is Sandy Jacobsson,” or “Timmy Jacobsson is my brother.” Once a relationship is established, you can say relationships instead of names (eg, “Call my brother,” instead of “Call Timmy Jacobsson” ).

Increasing the volume down: “Adjust volume to 80 percent,” or “Turn the volume up / down.”

To see free space: “How much free space to I have?” (Mac specific)

Schedule and reminder

To create a schedule and reminder: “Schedule a meeting with [name] tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.” or “Cancel my 5 p.m. appointment. “

To view the schedule: “What appointments do I have tomorrow?”

Add locations: “Remind me to remember my keys when I leave,” or “Remind me to feed the dog when I get home.”

Holidays / Special days: “When is Easter?” Or “When is Labor Day?”

To set an alarm: “Set an alarm for 1 a.m.” or “Set an alarm for six hours from now.”

To cancel an alarm: “Delete all alarms” or “Turn off all alarms.”

Find out the distance between the two dates: “How many days until October 6?” Or “How many days between April 3 and June 16?”

Find out the immediate time of any city: “What time is it in Tokyo?”

To find the meaning of a word: “Define [word].”

To find a synonym for a word: “What is a synonym for [word]?”

To find the opposite word of a word: “What’s the antonym of [word]?”

Find images: “Show me photos from last week,” or “Show me my selfies,” or “Show me photos from Tokyo.”

Find something on Twitter: “What’s Kylie Jenner saying,” “Search Twitter for [keyword],” or “What’s trending on Twitter?”

Search for specific notes or emails: “Find my note about [keyword],” or “Find emails about [keyword].”

Find friends: “Find My Friends” (if the option is set up): “Where is Ron?” Or “Who is near me?”

Find the app: “Get the Twitter app,” or “Search the App Store for word games.”

Find Word / PDF / PowerPoint etc in the Downloads / My Documents / etc folder: “Show all PowerPoint presentations in my school folder” (for Mac).


Road to home: “Take me home.”

Traffic Update: “What’s traffic like on the way home?”

Find a way: “Find [driving, walking, transit]”

Road to specified location: “Directions to [destination].”

How to get: “How do I get to [destination] by [walking, bus, bike, car, train, etc.]?”

Where’s an organization: “Where is [business name]?”

How long does it take to arrive at the destination: “What’s my ETA?”

To know the current market value of something: “How much does gas cost right now?”


Game update: “Did the Tigers win?” Or “What was the last time the Tigers played the Aussies” or “How did the Tigers do last night?”

To know someone or something: “What basketball games are on today?” Or “Get me college football rankings” or “Show me the roster for the Red Wings.”

Find out when a movie is or a movie: “What’s playing at Regal L.A. Live? “Or” What are some movies playing near me? “Or” Is [movie name] playing near me? “

Which song is being played nearby (via Shazam): “What song is this?”

Operations: “Play, pause / stop, skip / next, play previous song.

Other for siri voice commands apps:

Send a message using WhatsApp / LinkedIn / Skype / WeChat / etc.

Call me an Uber / Lyft / etc.

Show me photos in [app name].

Show me pins / creations in [app name].

Random tips and tricks

Find out what airplanes are currently flying above you. Ex .: “What airplanes are above me?”

Roll a die or roll two dice.

Flip a coin.

What is your favorite color?

Tell me a joke.

What does the fox say?

Knock knock.

Who’s on first?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

What is zero divided by zero?

Learn how to say my name.

With iOS 7, developers are getting access to Siri in their app. As a result, you can use third-party apps just like Siri. However, only those apps that have permission to use Siri can do so. You can further personalize Siri’s use by going to Settings> Siri> App Support.

Hope you liked the siri voice commands apps. Don’t forget to let us know your comment below.

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