The Longest and Largest River In The World

Thirds of the earth’s is water, one is land. And the largest rivers in the world are the holders of a large part of this huge water. These rivers connect one country to another. The river has been in contact with far and wide for eternity. The main rivers are the civilization of these rivers. Apart from the passage of human civilization, economic prosperity, the destruction of civilization has also caused some rivers. Today, there are many details about the longest and largest river in the world. So lets see today longest River In The World.

The Nile River Africa

Length 6,650 km width - 2.5 km

Nile River, the longest river in the world you will see on the continent of Africa. The northern part of the Nile began in Sudan and flowed almost entirely through the desert through Egypt. Egyptian civilization has been dependent on the Nile since ancient times. Most of Egypt’s population and most of its cities are in the Nilean valley north of Aswan. Almost all the cultural and historical landmarks of ancient Egypt are on its banks. The Nile River has created a huge delta and mixed into the Mediterranean. The length of the sapphires is 6,650 km and the width is 2.5 km.

The Nile River Africa, largest river in the world

The river flows in a basin of 3.4 million sq km. It has two tributaries. One white nile river and the other is blue nile river. Among these, the White Nile River is longer. The White Nile originates from the heart region of central Africa. Its southernmost source is southern Rwanda. From there it flows north through Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda and South Sudan.

The Nile Blue River originates from the heart of Ethiopia and flows east and enters Sudan. Its two tributaries merged with Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. This river has some special features. For example, all the rivers of the earth flow from north to south while the blue river flows from south to north. This feature also includes the Indus River flowing through Pakistan. Another feature is that at certain times of the year when the other rivers of the world dry up, the blue river is full of water. And when the Nile is dry, other rivers are full of water. The Nile Basin became the largest civilization in 3100 BC Its expansion is slowly increasing. 

Ten countries have been blessed with the Nile. They are Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. The Nile River, on the one hand,using to make Egypt as a grain crop, and during the floods there were huge disasters. All the crops would be washed away, the sickness would grow. The major crops grown on the banks of this river, such as barley, wheat for bread and barley for beer. Honeycomb was using as a cloth and rope making material. A plant called papyrus was cultivated and its roots were eaten. Mat and boat were made from the top and the first paper was made on earth. They were also exported after meeting local demand.

Amazon River (United States)

Length 6,400 km

Amazon is the second longest river in the world. But in terms of area it is the largest. Its origin is the Nevado Misimi peak in the Brazilian part of the Andes Mountains. The Amazon River crosses the Atlantic Ocean via Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, along the southern United States for about 6,400 kilometers. In the point where the Amazon River goes into the sea, 4.2 million cubic feet of water falls every second. Its water capacity is much higher than any other river. During the monsoon season it stands at around 7 million cubic feet. The Amazon alone carries about 20 percent of all the water in all the rivers of the world into the sea. 

Amazon River

This is why Amazon is often called ‘Sagrandi’. It has about 1100 tributaries of which 17 are more than 1,000 miles in length. The Amazon Basin is the largest water drainage basin in the world, which is about 70,50000 square kilometers. To the Europeans, the river was initially familiar as Maroon. Peruvian people still recognize that name. The Spanish and Portuguese called the river Rio Amazonas and in English it is called the Amazon.

Yangtze River- China

Length 6,300 km

The third longest river in the world is the Yangtze of China. The river plays an important role not only in building Chinese civilization, but also on China’s socio-economic development. The length of the Yangtze River is 6,300 km. The Yangtze River basin has a area of 1.8 million square kilometers, which is about one-fifth of China’s total volume. The Yangtze River is closely linked with the country’s five provinces, autonomous regions and central cities. In addition, some rivers, canel and delta plains are related to the Yangtze River basin. 

Yangtze China

About one-third of all Chinese people live in the Yangtze River basin. About one-third of China’s cereals are grown in the Yangtze River basin. China receives 36.5 percent of its water resources and 48 percent of its water resources from the river basin. About 52.5 percent of the country’s navigable rivers and one-third of the city are in the Yangtze River basin. The Yangtze River basin is China’s main hydroelectric power station. In the international market, the Yangtze River basin is the most capable to compete. The basin of this river is unique in terms of strategic location. The river is unparalleled in its natural resources.

Mississippi River (United States)

The length is 6,270 km

The word ajibway comes from Missi-GB, meaning Mississippi which means ‘Great River’. Missouri is one of the longest rivers in the United States. Mississippi-Missouri is the longest North American and fourth largest river in the world when calculating the length of two rivers together. It has a length of 6,270 km (3,900 miles). The main stream of the Mississippi is the Ohio River. Mississippi is the main subsidiary of North America’s drainage system management. The river flows all over the United States. Its drainage system is so long that it has expanded to Canada. There are 31 states in the United States and two in Canada. 

Mississippi River United States, largest river in the world

Aboriginal marcinis are settled along the Mississippi shore. Most of them are hunting or farming. However, with the influx of Europeans on the banks of the river in the year of 1500, the lives of the indigenous Marcinians changed drastically. At present, cultivation on the banks of the river and population has increased so much that it is adversely affecting the environment. The river played an important role in keeping the river in contact with New Spain, New France, and America early. At present, new industries, factories and housing projects are developing on the banks of the river. The river serves the water supply of six US states. In 1820, the famous steam-boats started trading along this river.

Huangzhou River- China

Length 5,464 km

This is the 5th Longest River In The World. There is a lot of sand in China’s Huangzhou River waters. Mixing this sand makes the water look completely yellow. And because of the yellow water, the river is named Hoangho. The Chinese word hoang means yellow and ho means river. Another name for the Huangho River is the Pit River. Because the river originated from the Kunlun Mountains and fell into the sea. And as far as it is familiar, Pit Sea was also named because of its yellow water. Huangzhou is China’s second and fifth largest river in the world. Its source is the Chihai-Tibetan Plateau of China. The Huangzhou River crosses a total of 5,464 kilometers through four provinces in China. 

Huangzhou China,

Ancient China often flooded the Huangzhou River. History testifies that the river changed its course 26 times. As a result, the people of China have suffered indescribable misery. And this is why the Huangzhou River is called China’s grief. Many people think that the center of the river is the rich Chinese civilization. The pastureland was extremely fertile in the Huangho River basin. Because of this, about four thousand years ago, people from some communities started living on the two banks of the Huangzhou River.

Congo River (China)

Length 4,700 km

The another longest river in the world is the Congo River in West Africa. It is the second largest river in Africa. Locally the river is also familiar as Zaire. The river flows into the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its length is about 4,700 km. The river basin has an area of 0.37 million square kilometers. The Congo River basin covers the entire area of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic. In addition, most parts of Zambia, northern Angola, Cameroon and Tanzania are covered by this river basin. The climate of this African river basin contains warm humid and dense equatorial rain forest. 

Congo River, largest river in the world

It rains endlessly in the river basin. As a result, the forests in this region are characterized by extremely green, evergreen. The river plays an important role in navigating through the tributaries. The length of this route is about 16,000 kilometers. This communication system plays a direct role in the internal economic development of the country. Surprisingly, the amount of water reserves in the Congo is one-sixth of the world’s water resources.

Amur China

Length 2,874 km

Amur, a river in East Central Asia. Its origin is in the combined flow of the Shilka and Argun rivers. The Amur River flows southeast and crosses about 1610 km long in Russia and Ganchin. Then it flows to the northeast and falls into the Tatar system near the city of Nikolaevsk-na-Amure. The total length of the river Amur is 2874 km. It is one of the longest rivers in the world. Its main tributaries are Jia, Songua, Ussuri and Burea. Adding to the length of the tributaries, the total length of the river Amur will be 4,416 km. The entire Amur river is suitable for shipping. 

Amur River China, largest river in the world

The Shilka tributary extends to the city of Sretensk, Russia. Six months in winter, the river Amur loses its usefulness for shipping. Because the river is icy at this time. The river is familiar as Heilong Jiang in China. On the other hand, the major Russian cities along the banks of the Amur are Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-na-Amure and Nikolayevsk-na-Amure.

Volga Russia

Length 3,645 km

Europe’s largest river Volga flows through Russia. This is another Longest River In The World. It is an important and largest river in Russia. It is considered as the national river of Russia. Russia’s 11 largest cities, including Moscow, are you can see in the Volga Basin. Most of the world’s largest reservoirs are found in the region. In Russian literature and mythology, Volga is called ‘Volga Matuska’ or Volga Mother. Its origin is 225 meters northwest of the mountain in the Moscow Volga. The 3,645 kilometer route crosses the Caspian Sea. The Volga River is of great importance for Russia’s domestic shipping and transportation of goods.

Volga River Russia

However, three months in a year, the river water freezes. The basin of the Volga region is widely regarded as the source of proto-Indo-European civilization. In addition, the inhabitants of the slave, the Hun, and the Turkish people developed in the first century BCE. In ancient Alexandria history, the name of the river is mentioned as Raha. The western Slavonic tribes of western Russia and the Buzans also emerged on the banks of this 

Ganga/ Padma India & Bangladesh

Length 2,525 km

The Ganges is an international river flowing in India and Bangladesh. This river is the Longest River In Bangladesh. The river is familiar as the national river of the Indian Republic. Its length is 2,525 km. The Ganges originated in the western Himalayas, in the northern state of India. It is in the list of first 20 rivers in the world in terms of water flow capacity. About 40 crore people live in the Ganges river basin. It is the most populated river basin in the world. Indo-Aryan civilization has been developing in this region for many centuries. Originally from the Bhagirathi and Alkananda, two tributaries of the Ganges.

In Hindu culture, Bhagirathi is considered as the main Ganges, though the Alakanda is a relatively large river. The main source of the Ganges is the Gangotri Glacier,  at an altitude of about 3,900 meters above in the Himalayas. The Gangotri pilgrimage you will see in a few kilometers from Gomukh. The water source of the Ganges is very small river. Six of the longest streams and their associations with the Ganges are considered sacred by Hindus. The six genres are Alakananda, Dhauliganga, Nandakini, Pindar, Mandakini and Bhagirathi.

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