Truecaller Number Search Online (Caller ID and Block)

If you use a smartphone, you should have heard about True Caller. Although it is written in English as Truecaller / Truecaller, here I have broken the word into True Collar for the sake of pronunciation / reading. The advantage of using True Caller is that when this app is installed, in many cases, the call and SMS sender name can be seen on the screen when it comes to mobile calls or SMS. That is, even if a phone number is not saved on your phone, in many cases the app may be called an unknown number if the True Caller is installed. The nearly 50 million user-friendly True Caller apps may seem a bit magic to you. However, you also need to be careful when using True Colors. Let’s discuss today on the topic “Truecaller Number Search Online (Caller ID and Block)”.

How Does Truecaller Work?

Very timely question. True Caller doesn’t do any magic. This is actually a community based service. However, many people do not know anything about True Caller. If not, True Caller would not have gone through this stage today.

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After installing the True Caller on the mobile and opening the account, the True Caller first uploads all the contacts (including names and phone numbers) to their server from your phonebook. As a result, True Caller learns that the phone numbers of your friends, family and nearby people were saved on your phone. True Caller puts those numbers and names on the server. This is how True Caller gets to know the user names of the different phone numbers, which is then used to display the caller ID in case the other user’s phone is not saved.

Suppose your friend “A”s number is saved on your phone as ‘A’. The A’s number is not saved on my phone. When you install True Caller, the ‘A’ number and name from your phone will automatically go to the True Caller server. Then if I install the True Caller app on my phone as well, and if your friend ‘A’ calls me, True Caller will let me know that this number is ‘A’. Although the phone number ‘A’ is not stored on my phone. Nevertheless, True Caller took the ‘A’ number from you and informed me that the number is ‘A’.

Truecaller Number Search Online (Caller ID and Block)

Truecaller Number Search Online (Caller ID and Block)

Truecaller Number Search Online (Caller ID and Block)

So, installing True Caller will send all the contacts on your phone to the True Caller server. If you think this will hurt your privacy, think for a second before using True Caller.

Nothing Hidden Now

When you search for someone’s number, that person will find it. This is a feature of True Caller. If you search for a True Caller account holder’s phone number and view its information, True Caller will remember it. There is an option in the True Caller app which opens when you see that who has checked the account information. And since you do not have a True Caller account, you will not be able to access its directory, so those you search for will also get your information if you have a True Caller account.

True Caller Uses Internet Data

Needless to say, but  True Caller app relies on the Internet to communicate with the server. However, once a number is displayed on your phone along with its username, a True Caller can show the user’s name from the previously saved data without internet access. It updates the database at regular intervals when there is a net connection.

You can delete your data from True Caller

If you want, you can delete your phone number and name from the True Caller server. However, it may be possible to retrieve your phone number from another phone at a later time. However, you should check the True Caller regularly. If you’d like to delete your number from True Caller, visit the address. Entering your phone number and submitting a captcha fill in will delete your number from the True Caller within 24 hours. If you are a True Caller user, you need to deactivate the True Caller account before unlisting.

Are you a Truecaller user? Then please share us your experience in the comment section below. Do you know how GPS Works?Learn more from here.

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