Two Factor Authentication Facebook

Two Factor Authentication Facebook is a very much important thing you need to enable for facebook and other social site. As well as for your payment account over the internet. Everyone wants to ensure the security of his Facebook account. And some of people are using strange and bigger password for this. 

But as harder as you set up login details, your Facebook e-mail address and other passwords are technically feasible. And Facebook, Google and some online service companies have introduced “Two Factor Authentication Facebook” facility to secure your account. If you enable it, you will need to enter another PIN code every time you sign in to new browser. This code comes via mobile SMS. These are also called security codes, which are sent from the server every time.

If anyone wants to hack two-step verified account, they needs to input three kinds of data. These are: username, password and registered the mobile number. Hacker can easily hack your user name or password. But at the same time your mobile phone is less likely to hack. So while signing on Facebook, they won’t get the pin code sent to your mobile.

How to do this

If you want to start the login approval to setup “Two Factor Authentication Facebook” please sign in to your Facebook first.

Then, in the Facebook Settings> Security and Login section, click on the Two-Factor Authentication edit button and follow the next steps. Or you can get this option if you visit directly to this link. You can see more details in this document on Facebook.

[You need to add mobile number to facebook]

After activating the feature successfully, you need to input the code for any new browser. Browser will ask to save this browser. That means, if you have your own PC or mobile, its browser can “save” in the Facebook server. So you don’t have to input the code every time you login.

But there is some risk if the two-step verification (another name ‘Login Approval’) is on. Sometimes you can get locked out of your own account. In that case you can not have access to your account. So the matter is quite embarrassing.

Sometimes it takes time to get the security code. It even lasts even a few days. It is not possible to login to the account in these cases. What you’ll do then?

'Think before you act, Not after!'

If you do not get any kind of SMS there is another option called “App Verification”. You need to have installed facebook app to your mobile. When the browser asking for code. Just open the app. Go to settings & Privacy-> Code Generator . Use that code to log in to your new browser. 

For this, first enter the Facebook username and password in the new browser of PC. Now ask for a security code. If the message is delayed, please visit the Facebook homepage directly from the (already registered) mobile browser. There will be a notification regarding “Unauthorized Login Extreme”. Select the notification and customize the login session by matching the browser and the OS version. Do not forget to save the new browser.

Now go to the PC and refresh the Facebook page. You will see that you have come directly to the homepage!

If you are not successful in any of the above methods, contact the Facebook team by completing this link form as the last step. Read the complete instruction to make your facebook 100% secure. 

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