Unhealthy Foods For Kids

Proper and nutritious food is essential for a baby to grow up healthy. Therefore, the food that is being given for the growth and proper intelligence of a baby must be kept in mind. Many times relatives want to give the child different types of food or want to feed, in that case you need to ensure if the food is dangerous to the baby.  According to experts, some delicious foods are not easy for kids to digest. These foods hinder its development. So let’s see today unhealthy foods for kids you should not allow for children!

Here is a list of unhealthy foods for kids that are dangerous for a baby before the baby is one year old.

1. Cow milk

It’s best not to give cow’s milk before the baby’s first year. Because cow’s milk contains too much protein and sodium, which can make it difficult for the baby’s stomach to digest it. Also, cow’s milk contains less iron and essential fatty acids than mother’s milk and formula milk. But iron and fatty acids are vital for a baby’s growth. In many children, if given cow milk at an early age, it can cause acidity and allergy.

2. Sea fish

Sea fish such as tuna, salmon, coral, etc. have high amounts of mercury. So it is not right to give them children.

3. Honey (Unhealthy Foods)

As soon as the baby is born, the parents let her lick the honey. But it should not be given until the children are one year old. Until the baby is 6 months of age, no food can be given in the mouth of the baby. Because for a year the baby is prone to botulism, and honey carries this fungus.

4. Raisins

It is not good to feed them raisins at this age. Something to give after getting bigger. Because a lot of vitamins are present in the raisins. Which children under one year are not able to accept. So you should avoid these type of unhealthy foods for kids or children.

5. Chocolate (Unhealthy Foods For Kids)

Chocolate is the most favorite food of children. However, coco used in it destroys the digestive power of children and damages teeth. Many children may be allergic to this. So it is better not to give chocolate as much as possible and not give it at all until 1 year ago.

6. Eggs

Eggs are a bit allergic to foods at this age. But not everyone will have problems. So if someone is allergic to eggs in the family, it is best to wait a few days. If there is no allergy problem then eating eggs should not be a problem. But you have to feed slowly.

7. Big pieces of fruit and vegetables

At this age large slices of vegetables like carrots, cucumber, etc. and large pieces of fruit such as apples, pears, etc. should not be given. It should be well cooked and squeezed into small pieces. Read Anti Aging Food List | 11 Foods.

8. Hard chocolate or jelly (Unhealthy Foods For Kids)

These foods cannot be given to children at this age, should be excluded. Otherwise, it will reduce the digestive power of the baby.This is very unhealthy foods for kids. So try to avoid them.

9. Nuts

Peanuts or some such nuts cause allergies so it is best not to give these foods before the baby is one year old. And if a member of the family is allergic to nuts, then you may have to wait for some time or consult a doctor.

10. Salt

Children’s kidneys cannot tolerate salt and sodium. Because salt contains too much sodium, which causes problems in feeding the baby’s stomach. Therefore, it is best not to mix salt in baby food. However, after a year, you can add a little salt to your baby’s food. But salt can not be used to make baby food a year ago.

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